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The International Conference on Education Quality
Transformational Leadership in Education
The Innovation City, Agadir, Morocco
25th-27th October 2023
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ICEQ Conference

The International Conference on Education Quality (ICEQ) is an annual conference, held at the University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco. It brings together international delegates with an interest if ‘quality’ across the education sector. It provides an opportunity to share academic research, policies and practices across a range of topics. The 6th edition, in October 2023, embraces the notions of Inclusion, Equality and Diversity. Delegates will meet and exchange ideas in the beautiful surroundings of Agadir. A full programme of keynotes, symposia presentations, educational visits and cultural experiences awaits you. Please click below to register to attend the conference. We look forward to welcoming you

Prof Abdelaziz Bendou

President of Ibn Zohr University Conference Chair

Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 6th International Conference on Education Quality. I am very pleased that the theme of this year’s conference “Transformational Leadership in Education” promotes the growing international recognition of education as a key enabler for the development of sustainable societies.

Now more than ever, education leaders are required to create a vision of the future and inspire not only faculty and students but also community and industry actors to change through engagement. As leaders, whether when teaching in the classroom, making polices or taking decisions, we all agree to the role of leadership in fostering better achievements, and more importantly ensuring a more sustainable and equal society. However, we have to rapidly adjust our practices, and develop innovative approaches to ensure favorable environments for consolidating social development.

iceq team

We, scholars, practitioners and policy makers, have engaged with the role of education leadership in different educational settings and from different perspective, each proposing valuable, and sometimes, unique insights into the processes and the impacts of our efforts and practices. Believing in how sharing experiences can help develop a better understanding of transformational leadership, this conference is intended to provide an opportunity for education leaders, researchers and practitioners to exchange visions and discuss the problems and challenges to investing in a collective vision for the future,  and to come out with scientific and practical recommendations that contribute to raising the quality of education for all. I am very proud that our annual conference has allowed for the different but essential voices of researchers and practitioners from over 24 countries each year to be present and heard. It has seen many institutions and individuals from around the world contribute in several ways to shape every aspect of the conference which has offered our delegates a first-class academic event and a memorable cultural experience through our program of extra-educational and cultural activities. On a final note, I would like to thank the members of the steering, scientific and organizing committees. Their efforts, expertise and spirit of cooperation made it possible to organize such a valuable event. I look forward to welcoming you at Ibn Zohr University, the largest HE provider in Morocco, and the city of Agadir, the national coast and cultural treasure.

Prof Abdelaziz Bendou
President of Ibn Zohr University Conference Chair

2nd Call
Abstract Submission Deadline

30th June 2023


ICEQ 2023 – 6th International Conference on Quality in Education: Quality in Higher
Education: Sharing Cross-National Examples of Effective Practices’
University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco, Pre – Conference Events Wednesday 25 th
October 2023; Main Conference – Thursday 26 th , and Friday 27 th October 2023


The call for paper abstracts is now open for the 6 th International Conference on Education Quality. The conference takes place from the 25th-27th of October 2023, at the Innovation City, Agadir, Morocco

The conference will be face-to-face with limited opportunity for online participation

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Mel Ainscow

Professor of Education at the University of Glasgow (UK)

Sindile Amina Ngubane-Mokiwa

Head of Department for the Institute for Open and Distance Learning at Unisa

Soufiane Rouissi

Vice President of L'Université Bordeaux Montaigne (France)

Timothy K. Eatman

Professor at Rutgers University-Newark

Wafa El Garah

Full Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS),

Blessed Ngwenya

Associate Professor in the Optentia Research Unit at North-West University, South Africa.

Shaun McInerney

Principal and Executive Principal across a range of inner-city schools in the UK and in the international sector.

Ibn Zohr University

Ibn Zohr university ( is one of the top ten public universities in Morocco. It is the leading center of learning and research of the southern regions of the country. Home to over 140,000 students, Ibn Zohr university offers a wide range of multidisciplinary degree courses in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and engineering. It has several branch campuses (19 institutions, 6 centers of excellences, and an innovation city) spread across a number of cities including Agadir, Ait Melloul, Taroudant, Ourzazate, Guelmim, Laayoune, Smara, Dakhla, Tantan, Tata, Tiznit, and Tafroute. The cities altogether make more than half of the Moroccan territory. Today, Ibn Zohr university is not only a learning and research hub, but it is also a key player in the territorial development of the South of Morocco.

Agadir And Region

Agadir is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Morocco. It is a very touristic city located on the southern part of the Atlantic coastline. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. The main languages spoken are Amazigh and Arabic, but most locals can communicate in French and English. The weather in Agadir is mild and usually sunny throughout the year. Agadir is famous for its fantastic beaches, beautiful golf courses, and luxurious hotels. You can relax and sunbathe all day on one of the beaches, go sightseeing in the city, go shopping in souk AlAhad, one of the biggest markets in Africa, or why not go on excursions and visit the other gorgeous cities surrounding Agadir. You can visit very close authentic destinations like Tiznit or Taroudant (less than an hour drive from Agadir), or head south-east toward Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir to see a variety of landscapes, ranging from deserts to green valleys, which saw the production of world film masterpieces of the silver screen, including Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, Kundun and Babel. Agadir is also known for its delicious food. You can enjoy both traditional and modern dishes at restaurants all over the city. In the evening, you can go for a quiet walk along the beach under the stars, go clubbing, or go to Agadir Oufela for a bird view of the city.


Ibn Zohr University, Agadir, Morocco